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Movie Review: Thiruvilaiyadal Aarambam

Good hearted male lead, with the honourable intentions of making a name for himself in the world. Dad refuses to lend him money and give him a leg up as son tends to while time away by drinking with his mates and getting into gang fights. Statements of 'get the hell out of my house and never come back' are uttered on a regular basis by either parent. One day, like all our movie heroes, our man too takes one look at the female lead and falls for her big time. Yes, he is 'in love' with her without even knowing her name.

After seeing her big brother beat the rowdies who came a'sniffing around baby sis, hero adopts the novel approach of asking the brother for his sister's hand. Understandably, this pisses the brother off, who sends hero packing with a flea on his ear. With this starts the 'thiruvilaiyadal' (or divine play). The hero makes the girl fall in love with him and whilst they paint the town red, big bro sees red and sends for him to scare him away. Hero stumps him by accepting money from the brother for staying away from his sister. Thus starts the barter system and when his family learns of this, they are aghast and kick him out of their house for good.

Hero now has the dosh to start his business, which he does and becomes a roaring success. On and on goes the movie till the end, where it all ends happily for all parties concerned.

Dhanush plays the role of the male lead, with Shreya as his opposite number. Other notable members of the cast are Prakash Raj as Shreya's brother and Mouli & Saranya as Dhanush's parents. There is nothing new or interesting in this movie. Same old tripe, boy sees girl, falls in love and does a variety of stunts before everything ends on a rosy glow. There is nothing new or exciting about this venture. Of course, thousands of Dhanush's fans disagreed with me and made this a hit! Go figure!

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