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Please tell me I am mistaken about this....

Was on a random web trawling sesh, yet again, when I came across this bit in

Sibling rivalry: Saif & Akshaye Khanna

The prolific Abbas-Mustan admit their new film entitled Race has the biggest star-cast they've ever worked with. "It has Saif and Akshaye Khanna as brothers who are trying to out do each other."

And Saif is thrilled to have finally signed a film that gives him a chance to dance with a new co-star. "I'm absolutely looking forward to working with Akshaye Khanna. A new co-star is always fun. Akshaye and I , and Abbas-Mustan and I seem to come different worlds. It would be an interesting mix of different sensibilities.I'm sure the results will be rewarding."

Abbas admits he signed them together because they've never worked together. "Saif has never been seen in a role like the one he'll play in Race. And Akshaye Khanna too has been cast like never before. But what interests us as filmmakers is how the combination will excite the audience."

Forgive me if I am mistaken, but didn't Saif and Akshaye act together in 'Dil Chahta Hai'? *puzzled*

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