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Chukkallo Chandrudu

Siddharth's second Telugu movie Chukkallo Chandrudu. He has sung couple of songs and also penned the screenplay. This movie was directed by yet another one of Mani Ratnam's former assistants, Siva Kumar. The story was simple - a young, cool, rich NRI bloke comes to India after intense pressure from his grandparents to look for a bride for himself. He doesn't believe in getting married to absolute strangers - so he decides to try his luck with three of his gal pals from school days. Enter the three female leads - Sada, Charmi and Saloni. Sada plays Sravani, a goody-goody medical student who is at the mercy of her cruel uncle-aunt - a very cliched role, complete with a sick grandma, to whom she is ekdum devoted.

Charmi is a social activist, loud and opinionated while Saloni is Shalini Rao, the budding tennis star, all set to win Wimbledon and everything else. Which of these three babes capture our man's heart and win his hand forms the story. Nothing new, no great shakes. But good timepass.

Chukkallo Chandrudu Part I
Chukkallo Chandrudu Part 2

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